In this introductory class, students with learn graphic design production skills. A focus will be on developing proficiency with the industry standard software tools of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will learn the fundamentals of designing communication materials, including: how to effectively convey a message whether with typography, images or symbols. Logo design and branding will be covered. Students will create communications pieces that benefit the AIC community.


Course Overview:

An introduction to graphic design, encompassing both traditional techniques and a contemporary approach to the representation of art, typography, principles, process and methods, awareness, and visual identity. Includes a foundational approach to graphic design, aesthetics, and functionality using a practical guide for displaying media across all platforms; implements problem definition to provide students with valuable experience in the ideation, research, execution and presentation of projects.


  • To develop the ability to determine successful graphic design works.
  • To investigate approaches to researching and creating graphic design works.
  • To choose best practices for identifying media and file type uses.


  • Distinguish typographic styles, fonts, typefaces, media formats, and uses.
  • Verbalize principles, methods, and processes thoughtfully and expressively.
  • Foster an understanding of graphic resources, software, and digital methodology.
  • Combine reading, resources, and project assignments in order to further marketing and branding practice concepts.
  • Critically analyze project assignments in terms of use, process, informational hierarchy, aesthetics, and message, as well as assess their overall success in terms of design and functionality.


  • Organize, maintain, and create a final print portfolio of all work from course.
  • Design a print mockup of a digital portfolio, which will then be used on the class website for final review.
  • Create a functional custom font, provided in digital format to student at end of course.
  • Meet the requirements to take Graphic Design 2 or Web Design 1 next semester.