Your Mid-Term is “open book”, in this case meaning that you may refer back to all section assignments and projects mentioned in the questions below. Your Mid-Term is due no later than March 12, 2017 at 5 p.m.

Any work due in the first half of this semester will not be accepted late after this date and time. Please ensure that you have submitted all work by this time, including extra credit work. If you have any questions, please email or call 413.455.0275. Online office hours will be March 6 and March 8 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Question 1 requires that you were present for a lecture. You may request a shortened transcript of the lecture via email.

Answer the questions below in the response area; this should be approximately one page in length after answering all questions, and will be used in your final portfolio as an example of your understanding after the first half of this class – and for comparison to your understanding at the end of the class.

Use complete sentences, with a minimum of two paragraphs per question. Each question is worth 20 points, with a maximum total of 100 points for your mid term grade. Please refer to the writing rubric found here. It is recommended that you use a text edit program to write your responses to the questions, making sure you cover all necessary information, and then copy/paste it into the response box.

Answer the following:

1. Discuss the Successful Logos Pinterest project. Elaborate on how you chose your logos (random, specific logos you already knew about, etc.), what you learned from looking at them, and what you learned from the history of successful logos lecture given in class.

2. Choose one film or video you watched for this class as an assignment. Discuss something important you learned, why you feel it’s important, and the general concept of the film/video. Make sure to cite the video title.

3. Discuss one assignment from the class that proved to be difficult for you. Why was it difficult? What were the problems you encountered? How were you able to resolve them?

4. Elaborate on your logo project. How did you come up with your logo idea? How did you use what you learned in class prior to the project to make it more effective? How did your initial idea progress into the final version?

5. What are you looking forward to doing in the second half of the class? What have you learned that you feel is the most important takeaway from the class so far?

Please ensure that the form below is filled out completely to ensure you receive proper credit for your mid-term.
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